The Watts lab is always open to inquiries about potential graduate student or postdoctoral positions. Prospective graduate students will need to apply and be accepted into the Biochemistry graduate program at the University of Toronto. In general, we are looking for people with an interest in understanding the biology and pathobiology of neurodegenerative diseases who have a background in biochemistry, neuroscience, microbiology, pathology, or molecular genetics. Beneficial skills include mammalian tissue culture, recombinant DNA technology, production and purification of recombinant proteins, immunohistochemistry, and general protein analysis (Western blots, etc.). Direct experience working with mice or other rodents is also a big plus. Most importantly, we are looking for creative, hard-working individuals that have an enthusiasm for scientific research and are capable of functioning as a member of a team.

To apply, send an email to Dr. Watts with your current CV attached that outlines why you are interested in a position in the Watts lab.